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Imagefilm Produktion Livestreaming


BEST IMAGE FILMS - Live Streaming

We stream your event live on the internet using our mobile television broadcast studio:

Conferences | Presentations | Conventions | Shows | Product Launches

We help you shape both the identity and the impact of your event.
We know exactly how to effectively stage your messages for the screen

Real-time communication has become an indispensable asset for successful businesses.
Live-streams are revolutionizing this trend.

We offer you all necessary services in one package,
making your livestream a guaranteed success:

Livestreaming Production:

Lighting Equipment and Lighting Design

Camera Equipment

Sound Equipment

Broadcasting Equipment

Hair and Makeup

Show Director

Technical Director

Editing of your broadcast in realtime

High-Quality sound engineering and mastering

Recording of your broadcast, all sound channels, as well as feeds from all individual cameras

Multiple channels of feedback

Live remote links

Live streaming via redundant bonded uplink

Stream to any destination: YouTube, Facebook Live, Vimeo, Zoom, etc. as well as your own intranet/extranet (via RTMP)

Stream to more than one destinations at the same time

Livestreaming Pre Production:

Concept Development

Screenwriting and Script Consulting

Project Management

Services of an experienced creative and/or technical director

Screen coaching for your executives and other talent

Producing clips for playback during your broadcast: Interviews, Information, Motivation, Documentaries etc.

Music production: Bumpers, Stingers, Ramps, Music Beds

On-Air Graphics: Animations, Logos, Motion Graphics, Lower Thirds

Integration of Computer Screens

Integration of Video Conferencing Services such as Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, AnyConnect, Microsoft Teams etc.

Presentations: Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote etc.

Reach a broader audience with live streaming

Connect with a wide range of possible audiences. We can leverage all major world-wide Content Delivery Networks for virtually unlimited numbers of concurrent viewers.

Live streaming with multiple feedback channels

Enhancing your stream with audience interaction and participation significantly boosts viewer retention and engagement.

Give your audience the chance to connect with you by participating in chats, surveys, raffles, and via social media comments.

Enhance your image using live streaming

Live streaming is the number one way to connect with people in the information age.

Digital solutions communicate to the world that your business is ahead of the curve – and your clients love them!

Be more economical and ecological thanks to live streaming

Believe it or not, with live streaming, you can be more sustainable and save costs at the same time! Less travel leads to not only lower emissons, but also lower costs for accomodation and catering.

Not to mention that live streams can easily be recorded for future use.

Moreover, our use of latest generation LED lighting not only achieves unprecedented color fidelity, it also allows for a major reduction in power consumption compared to traditional television studio lighting.

Ene Mene Mu

Ein Zählreim bildet die Basis für ein Stück über Geschwisterliebe, choreographiert von Natalie Bury.
Musik: Hannes Wollmann

(Anwendung: Website, Social Media)



Natalie Burys Dance-Comic-Fight - Adventure wurde von uns verfilmt und auf dem bekannten Festival INTERFILM Berlin in der Kategorie Body Talks - Dance Shorts gezeigt.
Musik: Hannes Wollmann



Live Streaming

Trailer (Deutsche Version)